PEV106, Precis Writing, Sentence Completion, Practice MCQs

Section 1 - Precis Writing = 21 Questions

Section 2 - Sentence Completion = 60 Questions 

Section 1 - Precis Writing = 21 Questions.

Question 01 :- Give a suitable title to the passage: 

So what does this adjective "Kafkaesque" mean? And why does Frederick R. Karl, author of an exhaustive critical biography of Franz Kafka, believe that the word is as misused as it is used? "What's Kafkaesque," he said in an interview in his Manhattan apartment, "is when you enter a surreal world in which all your control patterns, all your plans, the whole way in which you have configured your own behavior, begins to fall to pieces, when you find yourself against a force that does not lend itself to the way you perceive the world. 

1. The essence of Kafkaesque 

2. Use of adjectives 

3. Biography of Franz Kafka 

4. None of these

Question 02 :- Give a suitable title to the passage: 

Accreditation, put simply, is a quality check exercise. Through a multi-layered process steered by the NAAC, a higher education institution gets to know whether it meets certain standards of quality set by the evaluator in terms of curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, research and financial well-being among others. Based on these parameters, the NAAC gives institutions grades ranging from A++ to C. If an institution is graded D, it means it is not accredited. 

a) What is NAAC? 

b) What is Accreditation? 

c) Grades in NAAC 

d) None of these

Question03 :- What is the main idea of the passage? Life may be different everywhere but the human heart is the same. It is drawn to riches, which explains the universal reaction of bafflement, mystery and awe at the recent discovery of the fabulous treasure in the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple at Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. With one vault still to be opened, the treasure has been initially valued at over Rs. 100,000 crores, surpassing the wealth of Tirupati or, for that matter, any religious centre on earth. What is one to make of the treasure? How did it come about, who owns it, and what should be done with it? 

a. The mystery behind the treasure at Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple. 

b. The money in the vault. 

c. The treasure and its sources. 

d. None of these

Question 04 :- Give the main idea of the passage: 

There is no consensus amongst epidemiologists on whether Omicron signals the endgame of the virus. A section of them do believe that Covid is on its way to becoming endemic but there’s no clarity on how long this transition might take and how the pathogen is likely to behave in this interim period.

 i. The pandemic is coming to an end. 

ii. The pandemic will be declared as an endemic soon. 

iii. There is no certainty over whether Omicron is going to be the last of viruses that we are going to see. 

iv. None of these

Question 05 :- Give the main idea of the passage: 

Since the fall of Kabul, the Taliban has been finding it difficult to rule Afghanistan the way it had bragged about for decades. Pakistan’s proxy, the Islamic State Khurasan Province (ISKP)’s violent campaign against the Taliban is continuing, mostly in Kabul and eastern Afghanistan. Pakistani forces are mounting cross-border attacks on TTP hideouts and leaders inside Afghanistan. Over the last few weeks, underground armed resistance movements have become stronger, frequently freeing “pockets'' in at least 10-12 provinces of northern Afghanistan, which are also witnessing frequent public protests. 

  •  TTP is turning out to be a problem for Pakistan. 
  • It is getting complex for the Taliban to rule over Afghanistan. 
  • Taliban is the supreme power in Afghanistan. 
  • None of these

Question 06 :- Give the main idea of the passage:

 In the current economic scenario, large “wealth creators'' are made free to create wealth for themselves — wealth which, supposedly, will trickle down to the masses. Evidence from around the world is that the economic policy paradigm, of first increasing the overall size of the pie by reducing taxes at the top and then “redistributing” the wealth, has not delivered benefits to people. Trickle-down has dried up while gushing up has increased, with policies to make it easy for investors to do their business of making more profits for themselves. 

  • The trickle-down approach of wealth generation is a perfect approach. 
  • There should be change in the way the economy is run in the country. 
  • The current economic agenda of passing on the wealth from the rich to the poor has not succeeded.
  •  None of these

Question 07 :- Give a suitable title to the passage:

Marxism examines the effect of capitalism on labor, productivity, and economic development and argues for a worker revolution to overturn capitalism in favor of communism. Marxism posits that the struggle between social classes— specifically between the bourgeoisie, or capitalists, and the proletariat, or workers—defines economic relations in a capitalist economy and will inevitably lead to revolutionary communism. 

  • What is Capitalism? 
  • What is Marxism? 
  • What is Communism? 
  • What is Capitalism?
Question 08 :- Give the main idea of the passage:

While Bajaj scooters symbolized ordinary middleclass aspirations of the Amol Palekar-Farooq Shaikh years, Bajaj should be equally credited for keeping his eyes on the road ahead. Bajaj Auto tied up with Kawasaki to manufacture motorcycles in the mid-1980s, along with Hero-Honda and TVSSuzuki. It also launched a 50cc single-gear Bajaj Sunny in 1990, aimed at 16-18 year olds who couldn’t handle heavier scooters or bikes. 
  • Bajaj failed in the 2-wheeler segment. 
  • Bajaj introduced Sunny in 1990. 
  • Bajaj tied up with Kawasaki to manufacture Motorcycles in India. 
  • Bajaj stayed ahead of the times by investing in future needs.
Question 09 :- Give a suitable title to the passage:

It is high time that governments and courts adopt a public health and gender-sensitive approach to the question of mass incarceration of undertrial prisoners. The participation of prison watchdogs in bringing accountability to these dark custodial spaces must be restored. The decline in the rate of release of undertrials from prison and the increase in custodial deaths must be named as a humanitarian crisis. It is time to end the law’s attachment to inflicting cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment on pre-trial prisoners. The mass incarceration of pre-trial prisoners must be abolished. 
  • Mass jailing of undertrials must end 
  • Undertrials should be dealt with high handedness. 
  • For solving crime, more and more undertrials should be put in jail.
  • None of these
Question 10 :- Give a suitable title to the passage: 

One thing expected of feminists is that they will teach their boys to treat girls as equals. Any illusions I might have had on this front crumbled when my son said soon after his marriage, blatantly, “Cooking is the girl’s job.” His wife succumbed, just as I had done, for perhaps the same reasons. It’s difficult to stand on principle when marital bliss is at stake. Friends to whom this family secret is revealed are right to ask, “Didn’t you teach your son anything? 
  • Feminism, that dare not speak its name 
  • Humanism, that dare not speak its name 
  • Chauvinism, that dare not speak its name 
  • None of these
Question 11 :- 

Pi’s character developed through religion and also the hope and belief in religion was very important factor of Pi’s survival in the sea. Pi has seen as polytheist, believing in many religions gave a new definition to character of pi’s personality. The relationship of Pi and religion is that of a teacher and pupil. Pi’s outlook toward religion is difficult to understand as one is not sure his dimension to look at religion. He rather being a blind follower shows a sensible approach to it. He is not religious for the sake of being religious but he is because he felt more close to the God which gives him peace. Give a suitable title for the above paragraph 
  • Pi and his character 
  • Pi and his outlook 
  • Pi and his religious outlook
  • Pi and many religions
Question 12 :- 

For the past half century, roughly one in 10 U.S. families has chosen to enrol their children in private school. The reasons behind these decisions are as individual as families themselves: some may perceive the quality of education to be better at a private school than their neighbourhood school, some may wish to continue a family tradition or be motivated by religious beliefs, and others may seek specialized programs for a child with a particular interest or learning challenge. 

The one factor uniting virtually all of these choices, scholarships aside, is the decision to pay tuition, which averaged $10,940 in 2011. Private schools historically ranged widely in their annual fees; many programs, such as those run by the Catholic Church, were designed to be broadly affordable and offered significant discounts for lowincome families. What is the main theme of the given paragraph? 

  • Various facilities by private schools
  • Private vs public schools 
  • Why public schools are better than private schools 
  • Why parents choose private schools for their children

Question 13 :-

Two hundred years ago, an estimated 58,000 tigers roamed India’s lush, unbroken forests. But centuries of hunting and habitat destruction left fewer than 2,000 wild individuals by the 1970s. In 1973, the government declared the tiger India’s national animal, banned hunting and set up a conservation scheme called Project Tiger. But still the numbers are declining. There are 50 reserves today under the programme, and about half are well managed, according to a government assessment. But the reserves are small, averaging less than 1,500 square kilometres — much smaller than many protected areas in Africa. 

These are unfavourable conditions for the solitary tiger. Male Bengal tigers need a home range of about 60– 150 km2, whereas females use about 20– 60 km2. And tigers do not share easily, even with siblings or kids. So when a cub hits adolescence at about one and a half years, it begins roaming to find territory in which to live and hunt. If the tiger reserve is already full, it has two options: either push out an old or weak tiger and take over the space, or keep moving well outside the reserve until it finds unoccupied territory. It is thought that 70–85% of India’s tigers are inside reserves. 

Which of the following is most suitable prĂ©cis of above passage? 
  • Tiger is India’s national animal and to save tigers project tiger has been started by government. As tigers have various living condition their home range, eating habits and territory system were understood to keep them secure in reserves. 
  • Two hundred years ago, an estimated 58,000 tigers roamed India’s lush, unbroken forests. But centuries of hunting and habitat destruction left fewer than 2,000 wild individuals by the 1970s. In 1973, the government declared the tiger India’s national animal, banned hunting and set up a conservation scheme called Project Tiger 
  • There are 50 reserves today under the programme, and about half are well managed, according to a government assessment. But the reserves are small, averaging less than 1,500 square kilometres — much smaller than many protected areas in Africa.
  • None of the above
Question 14 :-

The effects of water pollution imperil not only ecosystems, but also human lives and economic growth. At least half the world’s population suffers from polluted water. Millions of people die each year due to water-related diseases. Pollution hotspots occur in all parts of the world, including OECD countries, where current pollution costs exceed billions of dollars each year. 

The situation is set to worsen. Population growth and climate change are placing increasing pressure on the ability of finite water bodies to process wastewater, nutrients and other pollutants before they lose their life-supporting function. This will, in turn, increase risks to human health, economic development and ecosystems. 

While we have seen decades of regulation and investment in wastewater treatment plants in OECD countries, with substantial gains for the economy, human health, environment and social values, there are still significant problems stemming from water pollution. Emerging and developing economies are yet to make such progress. 

What is central idea of the given paragraph ?

  • Types of pollutions 
  • How pollution control program was successful
  • Impact of pollution on ecosystem and humans
  • None of the above

Question 15 :-

How can following paragraph would be written in short.

 I have met a person in Egypt. He was working with some other fellows to dig an old grave in order to find out the age of pyramids. 

  • I met a worker
  • I met an archaeologist in Egypt 
  • I visited Egypt last year 
  •  None of the above
Question 16 :-

Eliminate the unnecessary information from the given paragraph.

 During weekdays, I wake up at 7 and reach my office by 8:50 am. After that my duty is to guide customers with information regarding various cars. My duties are also to keep the data of car deals. Moreover, I work with company to understand the requirement of people related to cars in my area. 

  • During weekdays, I wake up at 7 and reach my office by 8:50 am 
  • After that my duty is to guide customers with information regarding various cars 
  • My duties are also to keep the data of car deals. 
  • Moreover , I work with company to understand the requirement of people related to cars in my area.
Question 17 :-

Choose the correct title of following paragraph.
Just understand that time is not your enemy but your friend. You can do so many things if you have goals and opportunities. The main thing is to organize yourself and your time correctly. It refers not only to work but also to other aspects of your life. Self-discipline is a key to success. 
  • Organizing is key to success 
  • Time is most important thing 
  • Time is not your enemy 
  • None of the above
Question 18 :-

Choose the central theme of the given paragraph.

Palm oil is added to a huge number of products which adults and children love: cookies, ice cream, pizza, chocolate and other sweets, margarine, most packaged goods, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. 
  • Pizza , chocolate and other sweets have palm oil
  • Benefits of palm oil 
  • Use of palm oil in various products 
  • None of the above
Question 19 :-

Choose the central theme of the given paragraph.

Fossil fuels are "the chemicals that are produced after the dead remains of plants and animals are compressed and heated under the Earth for a long period," said Paul Glover, a professor and chair of petrophysics at the University of Leeds in the U.K. 
  • who is professor in University of leads 
  • What is fossil fuel 
  • Both A and B 
  • Nor A nor B
Question 20 :-

Choose the central theme of the given paragraph.

Gender equality is a basic human right, and it is also fundamental to having a peaceful, prosperous world. But girls and women continue to face significant challenges all around the world. Women are typically underrepresented in power and decision-making roles. They receive unequal pay for equal work, and they often face legal and other barriers that affect their opportunities at work. In the developing world, girls and women are often seen as less valuable than boys. Instead of being sent to school, they are often made to do domestic work at home or are married off for a dowry before they are adults. As many as 12 million underage girls are married every year. 

While some progress is being made in various parts of the world, there is still a great deal left to be done to right the problems of gender inequality. 
  • Ratio of underage girls’ marriages 
  • Gender inequality 
  • Progress made to curb gender inequality 
  • None of the above
Question 21 :-

The achievement of science in the twentieth century has been very great. Its influence can be felt in every sphere of life. From the small pins and needles to the huge iron sheets and joints, most of the things we require for our everyday use, come out of factories where scientific principles are utilized for practical ends. Science has enabled man to bring forces of nature under control and to use them for his own advantage. It has brought the distant parts of the world close together. Our knowledge of the universe has been widened on account of the untiring efforts of astronomers like Jeans and Eddington. Remarkable cures of human diseases have been possible owing to the discovery of some wonderful medicines.

The most appropriate title for the precis will be: 
  • Science is a curse 
  • Science, a great boon 
  • Achievements of science 
  • None of these

Section 2 - Sentence Completion = 60 Questions

Question with options and correct answer in highlights.

Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete. 

Question 01 :- The dreaded criminal was not granted any___________by the President for the heinous crime committed by him.
  • parole 
  • release 
  • freedom 
  • clemency
Question 02 :- The liquidation of the company was due to the absence of long _________strategies not getting implemented.
  • credible 
  • contestable 
  • creditable 
  • Non-compatible
Question 03 :- The lockout in the factory was due to the _____________between the workers and the Management.
  • Controversial 
  • Friction 
  • Association 
  • Competition
Question 04 :- Lethal Injection is the most preferred method of execution used in The United States for an __________crime. 
  • injurious 
  • uncharitable 
  • unworthy 
  • abominable
Question 05 :- The Indian Cricket team has been ________by Injuries during their last tour to South Africa. 
  • beset 
  • replete 
  • bestowed 
  • exhausted
Question 06 :- The measures taken by the Municipal Council, District Authorities and National Agencies for the periodical __________ of their population are set forth below.
  • investigation 
  • enunciation 
  • enumeration 
  • documentation
Question 07 :- Addiction to Alcohol is ___________to our health and will lead to death. 
  • incalculable
  • inalienable 
  • tolerable 
  • infallible
Question 08 :- Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete. Botanical garden is a good …… for a picnic. 
  • plot 
  • spot 
  • scene 
  • landscape
Question 09 :- _________ is a criminal__________ in many countries. It can lead to dangerous consequences worldwide.
  • Heathenism , act 
  • Sacrilege , violence 
  • Blasphemy , offense 
  • Obscenity , deviation
Question 10 :- Police said that the time of the murder was extremely_________ 
  • practical 
  • complex 
  • interesting 
  • significant
Question 11 :- Due to the ________of corrupt officers and politicians, drug dealers have been able to supply harmful drugs inside colleges, due to which the lives of many students got ruined. 
  • Connivance 
  • Detained 
  • Evacuation 
  • Abhor
Question 12 :- In the era of online classrooms, Though some students _____speaking while turning on their mics, others _______the idea of speaking. As a result, they ended up suffering from glossophobia. 
  • developing, indecisive 
  • adore , abhor 
  • Laudatory, gracious 
  • Debase, decry
Question 13 :- The speaker stated that A kid grows up with intimate forms of speech, but requires the _______ forms in later contact with the world. 
  • deferential 
  • impertinent 
  • Morose 
  • Deride
Question 14 :- It is a widely known fact that by promoting international trade, nations gently ________ their citizens to shift precious resources from lowproductivity to high-productivity industries. 
  • Circumspect 
  • Coerce 
  • Eloquent 
  • investigate
Question 15 :- The questions were _______for the occasion,still the organizers answered them with________. 
  • Impertinent, alacrity 
  • Extol , feral 
  • Appease , avarice 
  • Devastated , overdue
Question 16 :- The netizens criticized the government for its _______ attitude towards the victim as he didn't get any support from the government. 
  • Arcane 
  • Callous 
  • Coherent 
  • empathy
Question 17 :- My family members __________ that our penthouse keys have left in the car. 
  • indict 
  • absolves 
  • suspect 
  • accuse
Question 18 :- The producer of the web series named ‘The Bomb’ should cast a professional football player to make the storyline more __________ 
  • improbable 
  • implausible 
  • unlikely 
  • plausible 
Question 19 :- However, Meet was rumored to be _____, she puts a lot of effort into making his personal decision which is quite evident from her successful married life.
  • Cautious
  • Considerate
  • Impetuous 
  • circumspect
Question 20 :- Airtel is one of the leading mobile companies in Asia and is still .................... at a pace which makes the old money empires of Reliance & Tata Birla companies look_____. 
  • escalating, penchant
  • expanding, slothful 
  • enmity , erudite 
  • knell , meticulous
Question 21 :- Natural habitats are of such ____ adaptive value to living organisms, that we would expect all species to ____ them. 
  • clear - avoid 
  • significant - eschew 
  • obvious - possess 
  • meager - evolve
Question 22 :- The artistic fervor has not lost its appeal; it ____ on as vehemently as ever. 
  • trudges 
  • rages 
  • edges 
  • meanders
Question 23 :- Though he didn’t learn to read, his extra ordinary memory and inquisitive mind in the end made him a very _______ man. 
  • dedicated 
  • pragmatic
  • erudite 
  • benevolent
Question 24 :- In the earlier times, the ____ of the great churches did not adhere to the regular construction plans; most of the times a church was positioned with a lack of any plan in ____localities. 
  • durability - convenient 
  • location - apt 
  • ambiance - salubrious 
  • position - incongruous
Question 25 :- Not willing to accept their mistake, the students tried to ____ their case with more data obtained from unconfirmed sources. 
  • ascertain 
  • refute 
  • buttress 
  • absolve
Question 26 :- After the long journey, we were all ________ for food. 
  • famishing 
  • longing 
  • raving 
  • impinging
Question 27 :- The present manager is quite ____; unlike the previous _____ one, he has never committed a mistake in all the years that he has worked for the bank. 
  • meticulous - unreliable 
  • dependable - assiduous 
  • punctilious - painstaking 
  • asinine - diligent
Question 28 :- With her ______ eyesight, Mrs Smith spotted a log on the hillside, and she reduced the speed of her car. 
  • conspiratorial 
  • yielding 
  • impressionable 
  • keen
Question 29 :- The submarine has two_________ sets of powerful engines; if one fails, its duplicate will still function. 
  • divergent 
  • versatile 
  • identical 
  • mutual
Question 30 :- Stephen’s poor computing skills were a ______ to finding employment in most of the organizations. 
  • benefit 
  • temptation 
  • partiality 
  • hindrance
Question 31 :- In order to get good marks in your CA, the answer of each question should be ……………….to it. 
  • pertinent 
  • referential 
  • allusive 
  • none of the above
Question 32 :- Stringent actions must be taken against the culprits who commit………………. Crimes.
  • unworthy 
  • loathsome 
  • injurious 
  • none of the above
Question 33 :- As per the new regulations every faculty has to ………… at least five hours a week for professional enhancement. 
  • confer 
  • devote 
  • concede 
  • predicate
Question 34 :- You have to keep up your exceptional memory and the powers you possess in order to be an/a………………… person. 
  • Erudite 
  • Benevolent 
  • Pragmatic 
  • None of the above
Question 35 :- You have to ………………. the spark of your excitement and …………. the thirst of knowledge to be an impeccable teacher. 
  • Quell/ substantiate 
  • Ignite/quench 
  • Sustain/mitigate 
  • none of the above
Question 36 :- It was her good luck only that she had a ………….. escape even though she had a severe accident. 
  • Little 
  • Brief 
  • Narrow 
  • All of the above
Question 37 :- I am very …………….. due to my dreams getting……………. 
  • dejected, splendidly 
  • distraught, awry 
  • frustrated, magnificently
  • all of the above
Question 38 :- You should be ……………… for your actions. 
  • menacing 
  • dispensable 
  • acceptable 
  • accountable
Question 39 :- His ___ way of life do not any consistency with his ethics.
  • tremulous 
  • equable 
  • compromising 
  • dissolute
Question 40 :- During the lockdown, most of the people were facing financial crisis. It was their good relatives only who…………... them during this crucial time. 
  • Parked 
  • Helped 
  • Supported 
  • Boosted.
Question 41 :- The opposition parties rue that rates of basic commodities are -------- --- like a runaway balloon.
  • leaping 
  • flying 
  • reviving 
  • soaring
Question 42 :- Jason agrees with the ______ that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. 
  • penchant 
  • perpetuity 
  • conformation 
  • maxim
Question 43 :- No sooner did they………. me ……….. they tried to run away. 
A. watch, that B. observe, soon C. see, than D. notice, when 

Question 44 :- The manager pointed a ----------- picture of unemployment in various states of country. 
A. parsimonious B. poignant C. chimerical D. passionate

Question 45 :- His son was a(n) ______, hated by everyone he met. 
A. cosmopolitan B. mercenary C. itinerant D. anathema

Question 46 :- Her ----------- in her business is great but she does not feel arrogant. 
A. deceit B. presumption C. status D. pride

Question 47 :- All human beings in this world are accountable to God ----------- their actions. 
A. of B. for C. against D. about

Question 48 :- Josh got the company’s vehicle for a ----------- amount as he was the senior most worker in the company. 
A. fixed B. discounted C. reduced D. nominal

Question 49 :- It was through the First World War that India ----------- herself increased ----------- in power, wealth and prestige. 
A. saw, abundantly B. witnessed, prodigiously C. notice, gullibly D. None of these

Question 50 :- Even when Megan’s status was in ----------- almost everyone admitted that she had been a great colleague. 
A. accumulation B. eclipse C. failure D. rebuttal

Question 51 :- Owing to his _________ eyesight, the professional hunter was able to spot the man-eating tiger from a mile and was able to put it down for good. 
A. ductile B. inferior C. keen D. impressionable

Question 52 :- The case was analysed in such an _________ manner by the new Detective that it left no loophole for the suspect to escape. 
A. intricate B. egoistic C. illumination D. evolutionary

Question 53 :- ______ creatures are able to survive easily in the a barren land or wilderness because they can live on berries or insects. 
A. Omnipotent. B. Omnivorous. C. Omniscient. D. Omnipresent.

Question 54 :- The social media revolution, which is still influencing an individual in a negative way, has bred a whole ___________ of people who believe that life is meant to be filled with luxury and is to be perfect. 
A. damnation B. veneration C. generation D. elocution

Question 55 :- Based on what you have done to make the design perfect, I can undoubtedly say that its rather __________ and flawless. 
A. horrible B. intolerable C. disposable D. impeccable 

Question 56 :- I am not going to believe that he has accomplished such a humongous task _______ and unless I see it with my own eyes. 
A. until B. at least C. enough D. unknown

Question 57 :- Even though I’ve heard that Dark Chocolates are bitter in taste, surprisingly, the particular one that I had for dinner tasted _____. 
A. more bitter. B. sweet. C. sharp. D. emotionless.

Question 58 :- The new teacher who joined the school was pranked by her students. _________, she made sure that the culprits were punished. 
A. Because B. Consequently C. Moreover D. Even though

Question 59 :- ___ information that I heard about ___ University was ___ important piece that helped me focus ___ more on my course. 
A. An, the, an, a B. Zero Article, an, the, zero article. C. An, an, the, the. D. The, the, an, zero article.

Question 60 :- The brother, seeing that it was raining, jumped outside and started running and splashing around the puddles. __________, seeing him, the little sister did the same.
A. Conversely B. Similarly C. Unlikely D. Oppositely

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