PEV106, Analogy, Unit 05 Practice MCQs

PEV106, Analogy, Unit 05.

Fill in the blank with the suitable word: 

1. Leaf is to tree as petal is to _____. 

a) Stem b) Flower c) Garden d) Bike 

2. City is to state as state is to ______. 

a) Country b) Continent c) Town d) County 

3. Child is to family as student is to _____. 

a) Class b) teacher c) Parents d) Brother 

4. Second is to minute as minute is to _______.

 a) Week b) Season c) Hour d) Year 

5. Nigeria is to Africa as France is to _____. 

a) Asia b) North America c) Middle East d) Europe 

6. Corn is to cob as pea is to ______. 

a) Green b) Pod c) Can d) Bean 

7. Classroom is to school as kitchen is to _____. 

a) House b) Cook c) Garage d) Food 

8. Dallas is to the United States as Paris is to ______. 

a) Germany b) Chile c) Mexico d) France 

9. Spoke is to wheel as wheel is to _____. 

a) Transportation b) Ride c) Pavement d) Bike 

10. Violinist is to orchestra as pitcher is to ______. 

a) Band b) Baseball team c) Juice d) Bang 

11. Letter is to word as word is to _______.

 a) Envelope b) Sentence c) Mailbox d) Homework 

12. Claw is to cat as tail is to _____. 

a) Wag b) Story c) Tooth d) Dog 

2. Fill in the blank with the suitable word: 

1. Tree is to trunk as house is to _______________. 

a) Room b) Colony c) Apartment d) Locality 

2. Coat is to sleeve as head is to ________________.

a) Toe b) Finger c) Hair d) Here 

3. Song is to lyric as jewelry is to __________________. 

a) Nail paint b) Necklace c) Comb d) Kohl 

4. Mammal is to mouse as reptile is to ___________________. 

a) Camel b) Pigeon c) Butterfly d) Snake 

5. Shoe is to sole as bike is to ______________. 

a) Handle b) Car c) Road d) Travel 

6. Book is to chapter as alphabet is to ___________________. 

a) Words b) Letters c) Sentences d) Lessons 

7. Face is to nose as arm is to __________________. 

a) Knee b) Ankle c) Elbow d) Shoulder 

8. Bird is to parrot as vermin is to _______________. 

a) Poison b) Animal c) Snake d) Mouse

9. Ambulance is to tyre as door is to _________________. 

a) Knob b) Wall c) Window d) Vehicle 

10. Bread is to flour as soup is to __________________. 

a) Salad b) Water c) Eat d) Drink 

3. Find the relation between the given pair and on its basis fill in the blank: 

1. Eye is to see as ear is to ______. 

a) Here b) Hearing aid c) Hear d) Corn 

2. Saw is to cut as hammer is to _____. 

a) Screwdriver b) Pound c) Chainsaw d) Screw

3. Pencil is to write as spoon is to ______.

a) Fork b) Knife c) Moon d) Stir

4. Clock is to time as thermometer is to ______.

a) Temperature b) Fever c) Miles d) Late

5. Scissors are to cut as pen is to _____.

a) Cut b) Den c) Corral d) Write

6. Pilot is to fly as driver is to _____.

a) Ride b) Plane c) Drive d) Insect

7. Conductor is to orchestra as police officer is to _______.

a) Traffic b) Arrest c) Crime d) Jail

8. Scale is to weight as ruler is to ____.

a) Kingdom b) Length c) Long d) Weigh

9. Chimney is to smoke as faucet is to _____.

a) Water b) Burn c) Flow d) Cold

10. Car is to drive as boat is to _____.

a) Captain b) Sail c) Swim d) Float

11. Tongue is to taste as nose is to _____.

a) Stink b) Wrinkle c) Sniff d) Smell

12. Stomach is to digest as muscles are to _____.

a) Breathe b) Move c) Run d) Lift

4. Choose the related pair:

1. Athlete : Sports

a) Actor : Acting b) Coach : Train c) Trainer : Help d) Gardener : Farming

2. Astronaut : Spaceship

a) Pilot : Ship b) Painter : Painting c) Artist : Modelling d) Dentist : Traffic

3. Musician : Music

a) Singer : Dance b) Vet : Plants c) Tailor : Dentistry d) Footballer : Football

4. Mason : Masonry

a) Preacher : Prayer b) Priest : Preach c) Teacher : Teach d) Doctor : Singing

5. Carpenter : Carpentry

a) Lecturer : Studying b) Potter : Pottery c) Florist : Smithy d) Captain : Player

5. Pick the right option:

 1. Careless is to accident as careful is to ______.

a) Mistake b) Safety c) Luck d) Satisfaction

 2. Earthquake is to tsunami as heavy rain is to ______.

a) Flood b) Hurricane c) Miserable d) River

 3. Spark is to wildfire as snowflake is to ______.

a) Cold b) Cinder c) Blaze d) Blizzard

4. Overspend is to broke as save is to _____.

a) Bankrupt b) Debt c) Prosperous d) Keep

5. Convict is to punishment as acquit is to _____.

a) Acquire b) Incarceration c) Freedom d) Jail

6. Sunrise is to dawn as sunset is to _____.

a) Beautiful b) Orange c) Night d) Dusk

7. Heat is to cooked as cold is to _____.

a) Chilly b) Ice cream c) Skating d) Frozen

8. Pinch is to pain as hug is to _____.

a) Squeeze b) Comfort c) Massage d) Hurt

9. Heat is to scald as cold is to _____.

a) Frostbite b) Steam c) Ice d) Ski

10. Sniff is to smell as lick is to _____.

a) Eat b) Taste c) Stamp d) Stink

11. Tired is to sleep as hungry is to _____.

a) Drink b) Exhausted c) Starving d) Eat

12. Heat is to dry as water is to _____.

a) Mold b) Wet c) Flood d) Flow

Intermediate Exercise:

1. Choose the word that best expresses a relationship similar to that of the original pair.

1. Goal : Aim :: Large : _________________

a) Mammoth b) Miniature c) Tiny

2. Suitable : Appropriate :: Expand : _______________

a) Diminish b) Contract c) Elaborate

3. Connect : Conjoin :: Relevant : ______________

a) Irrelevant b) Pertinent c) Trivial

4. Normal : Everyday :: Irregular : ___________________

a) Disorderly b) Ordinary c) Habitual

5. Fluently : Dexterously :: Dubitably : ________________

a) Inconclusively b) Irrevocable c) Unambiguous

6. Complex : Complicated :: Abandon : ________________

a) Very well b) Desertion c) Restraint

7. Acknowledged : Recognized :: Appeal : __________________

a) Revocation b) Disavowal c) Adjuration

8. Augment : Increase :: Bargain : ________________

 a) Negotiation b) Rip-off c) Disagreement

9. Bland : Uninteresting :: Blatant : _______________

a) Concealed b) Conspicuous c) Subtle

10. Bleak : Grim :: Commensurate : ___________________

a) Inappropriate b) Unfitting c) Compatible

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